Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the great response to my first week of PCT journal entries! Not-so-deep inside me is a strong desire to share my stories with people, and I’m glad that I have people who will listen.

If you missed them, here are my first four entries:

The saga continues on Monday, with breathtaking adventures such as Lisa Gets a Terrible Head Cold, Lisa Gets a Blister, Zach and Lisa Almost Run Out of Water (Part 1 of 800,000), and Zach and Lisa Eat the Most Delicious Vegetables Ever!

If anyone has any backpack- or travel-related questions, please let me know and I can put them in my queue for future Saturday posts. In the meantime, I’ll just leave you with this handy household tip of the week: Don’t try to fold staticky laundry while listening to music with earbuds. You will get electrocuted.

Until next week!

~The Mandolin


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  1. I'm sure I'll learn soon enough about your trail nickname. I already have several nicknames...but do you usually get a new nickname that is trail-related. I have a friend, One Gallon, who has thru-hiked the AT, PCT, and CDT three times each. He's definitely an inspiration, but I can see that you are already becoming an inspiration to me as well. :)