Thursday, April 18, 2019

Celebrate the Seasons!

We made it through another year! I hope that the Celebrate the Seasons series has inspired you to take some time to plug into the rhythms of the seasons, appreciating the magic of every temperature and sunrise and cloud.

You’ll notice some recurring themes, such as...

Go outside, even when you don’t like the weather. Whether it’s in the single digits, raining buckets, or swampy-hot, find time to go outside and try to appreciate every moment for what it is. (Don’t go outside in a tornado or a lightning storm, though.)

Honor the season-related holidays. Every culture has a wealth of season-related holidays to draw on. The solstices and equinoxes are good places to start, along with more modern holidays like Earth Day. Take time to honor the changing of the seasons.

Autumn is still my favorite season, but
I'm learning to appreciate them all!
Gather food from your surroundings. Food is one of the most tangible ways to connect to the seasons, so I encourage you to continue to look for ways to eat from the abundance in your area. Whether that’s tossing dandelion greens into a stir-fry, growing herbs in a windowsill, planting radishes in a spare piece of earth, finding community fruit trees in your area, visiting a farmers’ market, or joining a CSA, nothing says “seasons” like the first strawberry of June or the peaches of August.

Here are the recaps of each month:


I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the seasons as much as I have. Next week I’ll be posting details about a new year-long blog series, which I’m super-excited about. Stay tuned!


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