Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Celebrate the Seasons: November!

Between sub-freezing temperatures and a four-inch snowfall, this November has been anything but ordinary, but there are still many ways to celebrate it! Here are some good ways to embrace the month of changing winds and oncoming winter:

1. Celebrate Buy Nothing Day. While many people are stampeding to the sales on Black Friday (and don’t even get me started on stores that have “Black Friday” on Thanksgiving) choose to do the opposite: Buy Nothing Day! This is a great way to protest consumerism and to remember all the wonderful things you already have. You might choose to take a hike, stay at home playing board games, pack a nice leftover Thanksgiving meal as you go to work, read books, or create something. (I always spend Buy Nothing Day at St. Charles Christmas Traditions!)

2. Go bird-watching. With the leaves falling or down, it becomes a lot easier to spot birds flitting among the bare branches. When I’m biking down the Katy Trail, I’m treated to flocks of cardinals, juncos, white-throated sparrows, mockingbirds, robins, and downy woodpeckers. You’ll also spot huge murmurations of starlings drifting through the sky. 

3. Find a winter farmers market. Although most farmers markets are closed for the season, if you Google “winter farmers market near me,” you might be surprised at what you discover! For instance, St. Louis features Creve Coeur, Tower Grove, and Lake St. Louis. These are great places to pick up hardy greens, preserves, meat and dairy, and other winter fare.

4. Make fire cider. Cold and flu season is upon us, but homemade remedies can really help! My mom and I swear by this Cold Kicker Remedy, otherwise known as Fire Cider— it tastes terrible but is a tremendous immune system booster.

5. Embrace the cold weather. The environment and your wallet will thank you if you take some time to bundle up over the winter, even when you’re indoors. There’s no reason to walk around indoors in a t-shirt when it’s freezing outside— put on a long-sleeved shirt and a cozy sweater, turn down the house heat, and allow yourself to feel part of the season. Zach and I keep the house at 60-62 most days and 57 at night, and I use a space heater and/or a hand warmer when I’m sitting at the computer for a long time. I wear two layers of pants and three layers on top all the time throughout winter, and sometimes more when it’s really cold. Consequently, when I step outside I’m not as shocked by the temperature. Winter is coming, after all!

How do you celebrate November?


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