Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 Photos of Mirrors and Reflections

I have a fascination with mirrors and reflections— I love the strange perspectives they give to reality. As a kid, one of my favorite road trip activities was staring at the rearview mirror while watching the reflections in the windows in my peripheral vision. If I did it too long, I got dizzy, but I would stare as long as I could. Now that I’m grown up, I still do that. And sometimes I take pictures, too. Sometimes multiple pictures of the same reflection. Don’t judge me. Mirrors are cool.

Self-portrait in Wyoming.

Tucson, Arizona.

Antelope Island, Utah.

Library, Seattle, Washington. It's a whole building made out of mirrors!

A tiny town whose name I cannot remember, Germany.

Same mirror from a different angle.

St. Elisabeth's Church, Nuremberg, Germany.

Building on the side of the highway, St. Peters, Missouri.

More Wyoming.

De Young Museum elevator, San Francisco, California. Also, this is the greatest picture I have ever taken.

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