Friday, August 23, 2013

Scenes from the Inter Island Ferry, San Juan Islands, Washington

On my first solo trip, I took a break from my time in Bellingham to stay at a hostel at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island (it was a cozy hostel and I made many friends there, but, sadly, it shut down a few years ago). I took a lovely ferry ride over— and this soon became my favorite way to travel around the sound.

During my week on San Juan Island, I soon learned that there was an inter island ferry that ran between the four largest islands of the group: San Juan, Orcas, Shaw, and Lopez. And what’s more, the inter island ferry was free. (This is unfortunately no longer the case— as with the other ferries, you can ride one direction for free, but have to pay on your way back.)

Many times that week, I took my laptop, boarded the ferry and sat down at one of the tables, working on my editing for a few hours. Every time I looked up, I saw a new vista before me. At intervals I’d stand up, stretch, wander out onto the open bow, taste some sea air, stroll back inside, work on a puzzle for a while, and then return to my editing. If I could choose anywhere in the world to edit student papers the rest of my life, the San Juan inter island ferry would be it.

I think I’ll be posting more about the San Juan Islands in upcoming weeks. I’ve been missing them lately, and maybe telling you stories about them will help.

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