Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today I feel better than I’ve felt in several days, not by virtue of sleep or good eating habits, but seemingly just because. After feeling melancholy for a week, a day of simple quiet happiness is pretty awesome.

I ate pizza for breakfast (homemade with my mom’s delicious crust recipe), took a walk with Zachary and sweated profusely, earned back the calories I’d burned by eating pierogies, listened to Zachary read half a chapter of Lord of the Rings, packed him a supper and kissed him goodbye, read my Bible (1 Samuel, the change of Israel from being ruled by judges to being ruled by a king, if you’re curious), then washed dishes while singing old hymns and brainstorming blog ideas. Tonight I get to hang out with one of my best friends and watch a movie.

Happiness doesn’t often last long, but I’m grateful for it when it’s here.


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