Saturday, October 11, 2014

50 Little Things I Hope I Never Take for Granted Again

Head cold + desert = unhappy camper.

In no particular order...

1. A kitchen sink.
2. Almost instantaneous hot water.
3. A mirror and a light so I can look at myself when I brush my teeth (and see how much toothpaste I’m squirting on my toothbrush!).
4. Cotton.
5. Sitting in a chair, as opposed to sitting on the ground.
6. Being able to just stand up and walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, rather than having to squirm out of a sleeping bag, unzip two zippers, squeeze on some shoes, and grab the toilet paper.
7. Couches.
8. Yogurt.
9. Any sort of food that requires refrigeration.
10. Sandwiches.
11. Climate control.
12. Not having to wonder if those mysterious footsteps in the night are a deer or a bear.
13. Having more than one choice of clothing.
14. Running water.
25. Showers that occur more frequently than once a month.
16. Dresses and skirts.
17. Having a clean dish rag when I’m washing dishes instead of a snotty bandana.
18. The ability to be comfortable most of the time.
19. Bulky, heavy clothing to wear when it’s cold.
20. Coming inside out of the rain.
21. Free time.
22. Not having to set up and tear down my bed every day.
23. Vegetables and fruit.
24. Shopping at a grocery store instead of a gas station.
25. Waking up from a nightmare about being mauled by a bear to realize that I am in a place where there’s not any actual danger of being mauled by a bear.
26. Having jobs so we can make money.
27. Toast.
28. Walking in areas where one false step won’t sent me hurtling off the edge of a cliff.
29. Not worrying about how much everything weighs. 
30. Having trash service readily available (instead of having to carry all our trash for days at a time).
31. Walking without a 30-pound pack strapped to my back.
32. Having time to read.
33. Having a table to sit at for meals.
34. Snacks other than Snickers and Fritos.
35. Leaving food unguarded without worrying about it being stolen by a chipmunk, Steller’s jay, or rat.
36. Washers and dryers.
37. Consistent cell phone reception.
38. Being able to call people when I miss them.
On the trail, salad had never tasted so amazing.
39. Enjoying meals with more than one course.
40. Not having to climb mountains when I feel sick or weak.
41. Not having to ration food.
42. Shelves, counters, and other places to set stuff down without setting them in the dirt.
43. Food variety.
44. Towels.
45. Toilets!
46. Being able to see friends and family on a regular basis.
47. Typing on a real keyboard instead of a smartphone.
48. Surfing the web.
49. Going to church.
50. Civilization in general.


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  1. All things we too often take for grants but I know what you mean! When I come back from a week-long kayaking teip where we break camp every day and set up every night...have to go to portapots/woods/weeds, etc., yes, a flush toilet seems to be the ultimate luxury when you get home. And that's just a week! I can't imagine 6 months of that!