Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Sampling of My Pre-PCT Activities

1. All the usual stuff: assembling last-minute gear, working on packing list, testing our stove, packing food boxes.

Which shoes should I bring? Such a brain twister…
2. Second-guessing every single piece of gear (except my Deuter backpack. That thing is awesome).

3. Constantly searching for PCT-related stuff amongst the jumble of junk that we just moved. (As I wrote the previous sentence, Zach asked me, “Do you know where the packing tape is?”)

4. Eating tons of food.

5. Scrambling to get editing work out of the way so I can focus on PCT stuff.

6. Walking without a backpack and feeling guilty for doing so.

7. Watching Stargate or reading books instead of working on PCT stuff and feeling guilty for doing so.

8. Staring in despair at our disorganized room but, instead of organizing it, going walking without a backpack and watching Stargate and reading books— and feeling guilty for doing so.

I’m sensing a theme here…


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