Thursday, February 27, 2014

Couch Potato

My best friend Amy came over a few days ago and we, like any self-respecting women our age, split our time between watching Thor 2 in the theatre and watching Too Cute on Netflix. And besides that, we also bagged dehydrated potatoes. Lots and lots of them. 46 ziplocks, to be precise. These are, of course, some of the meals that Zachary and I will be eating when we’re on the trail. Amy and I measured potato flakes into bags along with powdered milk, salt and pepper— I’ll add seasoning and vegetables later, and we’re going to bag the meat separately. 

When we had finished, polishing off almost a dozen family-size boxes of potato flakes, we piled the bags on the couch to show off to Zach when he got home from work.

“It’s a couch full of potatoes,” she said.

“A potato couch,” I said.

“A COUCH POTATO!” we yelled in unison. And then we hugged. Because sometimes a huge pile of backpacking food is the best reminder of why you are best friends with your best friend.


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