Friday, September 1, 2017

The Grand Gallivant: A Whirlwind Tour of Utah

Note: Hello from your long-lost blogger! The past couple weeks have been crazy, and I’m finally getting around to sorting out my life back here in St. Charles, MO. In the meantime, over the next several days I have some beautiful pictures to show you. I had wanted to write some elaborate blog posts about our trip to Utah, but that’s just not happening, so expect a lot of photos and very little text (except for the post about Arches National Park, which I’ve already drafted). Then I’ll probably post some sort of summary of the trip... and then it’ll be back to my random updates from the home and homestead. Cheers!


What a crazy week it’s been! On the morning of August 8th, we (Gary, Zach, and I, as usual) packed up a bunch of camping gear and some snacks, and took to the road to hit up some of Utah’s national parks. 

Our first stop was Willow Creek Nursery in Idaho— we were dying to see Billy and Kate again, and it was a wonderful homecoming of sorts. They showed us around the garden we had planted, and we were able to taste the first scarlet runner beans and first zucchinis from plants that I had seeded on our first day of work there. We stayed up late playing darts, eating teriyaki wings, drinking homemade wine, laughing, and blasting a vuvuzela to make each other miss at darts. It was a beautiful night!

The next day, we drove to the KOA in Moab, Utah, winding our way through incredible red sandstone cliffs and bluffs to reach it. Our first stop was Arches National Park, and I knew it was going to be amazing.

Over the next few days, we visited four national parks: Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Zion (as well as Kodachrome State Park). I’m going to post a separate post for the national parks, because each one was gorgeous in its own way.

The view from our campsite in Moab
Arches National Park (Landscape Arch)
Kodachrome State Park

After six days of trundling around, it was time to head back to Vancouver. We drove for two days, crashing at a campground last night, and now at last here I am, back in Vancouver where the journey began. Tomorrow we’re going to try to hang out with the family, and then on Thursday we’ll hop a plane back home.

I’m so excited to return home. I have so many things to say. I have so many emotions that are overflowing that I can’t yet express. In the meantime, I wait...


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