Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Grand Gallivant: More About Yellowstone

The view from Bunson Peak

I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have the resources (or electrical outlets) to write a proper day-by-day account of the trip thus far, so welcome to another summary, this time with photos!

The North Entrance
Our site at the Eagle Creek Campground, just a few miles from the park entrance-- only $7 a night!

As I said, Christian did a great job of showing us around to the highlights of the park. We visited Old Faithful, of course, even though Christian says he thinks it’s underwhelming. I was quite impressed with the huge geyser, but looking back on the memory, it feels more like we were seeing a sight at Disney World, what with the huge crowds gathered on the boardwalk that forms a huge semicircle around the geyser. The lodge was also very impressive, and I’m glad we got to see it.

Obligatory Old Faithful photo.

On one of the clear days, we took a proper hike, up to Bunson Peak and down the opposite side into the valley to see Osprey Falls. If you’re in decent shape, I highly recommend the hike! The trail winds through lodgepole pines, and the peak offers a breathtaking view of the park. (We encountered some snow fields on the way up, and near the peak I had a moment of raw terror, much as I experienced in the Sierra. I knew by now to take some deep breaths and let it wash over me, and it did. We summitted without trouble.) It takes approximately eighty million switchbacks down the valley to reach Osprey Falls, but the huge foaming beast of a waterfall is well worth it.

Backside of Bunson Peak
Osprey Falls

As I said, Norris Geyser Basin was probably my favorite feature of the park... it feels like you’re on a different planet! The boardwalk hikes are short and easy, making this area accessible to everyone.

On May 25th, we said goodbye to Christian, spent the night, then headed out for a long drive to northern Montana. About seven hours later, we reached our destination: Pine Needle Farms. But more on that later...


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