Friday, February 26, 2016

A Different Direction

Dear blog readers,

Today's post was the last of my backed-up cache of PCT-related posts. Although I feel like there is much more to say, for the moment I've told my story and tied up the loose ends in a way that I'm satisfied with.

Since my return from the PCT, my life has changed drastically. I own a house now, and am firmly rooted in one location. Zach and I spend our time and our money in our stationary life here: I'm growing a garden, learning about permaculture, researching quail, growing more active in environmental causes, and teaching a weekly music class. I'm learning so much that I want to share that with you.

As such, this blog is going to be taking a very different direction soon: it will focus more on homemaking and all its facets, from gardening and cheese-making to solar heating systems and plastic-free living. That's my life right now, and I want to share it with you.

For those of you who have been following on the PCT Journalist, thanks for reading my story. I've asked for my blog to be taken off the aggregator since it's not relevant to hiking anymore, but I hope that some of you will still come visit me here at my newly-focused blog!

As always, thank you for reading. Hope all of you have a great day. :)


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