Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travel Tip Tuesdays: 15 Ways to Pass Time in an Airport

Also, 16: Taking useless pictures
(These tips also apply to a bus/train station, or anywhere else you’re stuck for a while.)

1. Read. 

2. Wave at people. See how many you can get to wave back.

3. Look first at a person’s shoes and see if you can guess what that person looks like.

4. Do some stretches or discreet exercises (balancing on one foot is an excellent core exercise). 

5. Watch some people talking out of earshot and make up their conversation.

6. Take a walk. Bonus points if there are any moving sidewalks to ride.

7. Journal.

And 17: Getting other people to take pictures of you.
8. Give yourself a neck or hand massage.

9. Strike up a short conversation with the person next to you.

10. Call home.

11. Pretend to answer a phone call and make up a ridiculous one-sided conversation (or gibberish words) that will make the people around you curious.

12. Doodle.

13. Memorize a quote (or Bible verse) or the words to a song you’ve been meaning to learn by heart.

14. Spend some time in front of the bathroom mirror trying out new hairstyles.

15. Walk up to the wrong gate, get a panicked look, drop your bag, pick it up in a flustered way, and dash off to the next gate. Repeat.


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