Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 Blogs I Follow

This evening, I planned to hang out with my best friend at my new place and watch movies and stay up late gabbing and being girly. Instead, I had a lovely conversation with her… and then promptly fell ill with some sort of flu/food poisoning thing, which kind of put a damper on the party. So now, I’m resting instead, feeling vaguely miffed that my tummy is being unkind to me.

I began surfing the Internet, starting with the list of blogs that I follow. It occurred to me that other people might want to share in the joy as well, so here are 10 blogs with beautiful, inspiring, and interesting things to say.

My brother Christian doesn't keep a
blog, but holy cow, I wish he did.
My dad runs two blogs, one about painting and one about music. He posts his art, both visual and audio, to be enjoyed and pondered by anyone who wants to listen. 

My brother Eric keeps a blog about the music business, but many of his ideas apply to anyone who is self-employed or is trying to get organized.

Seth Godin has a lot of pithy and controversial things to say about working for yourself, defying the status quo, and taking charge of the future.

If you love words, grammar, language trivia, and pretty much anything to do with writing, check out the fun Write@Home blog.

My Uncle Kerry blogs about everything from elvish translations and family holiday traditions to astronomy, Christianity, and the writings of Karl Barth. 

My friend Adrienne from Insomniac Folklore just started this page to let the world (and me!) know what’s going on in the life of the band these days.

With a little romance and a lot of snarky attitude, The Everywhereist is my favorite travel blog, with stories, restaurant recommendations, and goofiness abounding.

For a blog to calm your mind and please your eyes, try my friend Rachel’s Onward Into Light— I love the aesthetic of the photos and quotes she chooses.

Finally, I like to finish my Internet time with a glance at the mind-blowing National Geographic Photo of the Day. The photos always leave me with a sense of wonder and joy that there are so many different kinds of beauty in the world.

What are your favorite blogs?


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