Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful beginning to the new year. I brought it in with Zachary and my best friend Amy, taking a break from our “Ticket to Ride” game to toast with the champagne-brandy-Grand Marnier drinks that Zach had mixed for us. 

Although I sometimes make New Year’s resolutions, I realized this year that I’ve already been making the transition into the new year, thinking about plans for the homestead. A couple months ago I jotted down the three phrases you see above, and have been thinking a lot about how to implement them. 

I know for sure that I want to significantly expand the garden this year, replacing an entire side of the front lawn with vegetables and flowers. We’re also making plans to plant at least six fruit and nut trees this spring. The idea of tackling such a big garden is a bit intimidating, but also exciting.

Whatever I learn along the way, I will pass on. That’s the joy of blogging— I get to share my failures and successes, showing why I believe growing vegetables, keeping chickens, or simply having a compost pile are all ways to heal the earth.

Food and community are inextricably bound, and I look forward to seeing how my expanding garden will anchor me in the neighborhood. I’m still working with the Historic Frenchtown Association, and am excited to see how we can continue building community in our district.

I don’t know exactly what the upcoming year with bring, but I foresee it as a year of abundance, and I can’t wait to follow my interests and skills in the direction God is leading me. Here’s to a beautiful 2018!


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