Friday, April 28, 2017

This Week (Family Time, Summer Plans, and a Spring Garden)

I love the clouds this time of year.
The Eco Park near my house has lovely flowers!

The past couple weeks have been full of hanging out with family, working on projects, and taking walks in the beautiful spring weather (between thunderstorms). I’ve gotten to see all my siblings a lot lately (thanks to an Easter visit from my brother and his family, and to my sister spending her down time in St. Louis between her shifts as a flight attendant), and it’s been fun to catch up on everyone and get a big dose of family togetherness before we head out for the summer.

Zach and I have also visited Johnson’s Shut-Ins and Elephant Rocks (I got a pretty epic scrape from slipping on some gravel while hiking), spent a day planting flowers for our neighborhood business district, and planned like mad for our upcoming trip (which is approaching much more quickly than I expected!). 

Showing off my bloodied leg.
Flowers we planted.
We just learned that Zach’s sister, who lives in Oregon, is going to lend us her car this summer, which means our options of what to do and where to go just exploded with possibility. Nothing’s confirmed yet, but we’re planning/hoping to hit up Portland, Yellowstone National Park, a cashmere goat farm in Montana, a nursery/bee garden farm in Idaho, and a small homestead with alpacas near Crater Lake. My head is buzzing with excitement at this new development, and I’m incredibly grateful for family who are willing to support our travel habit!

My spring garden is thriving, although so far I’ve only been able to harvest the greens— I’m crossing my fingers that the peas and carrots will come in before we leave town. The beds will be resting over the summer, but I’m super excited for the chance to visit some professional gardens this summer and absorb hands-on knowledge that I can bring back to our home here in St. Charles. The last time I did HelpXing and WWOOFing, I enjoyed the work but didn’t have any particular interest in growing vegetables. This time, I’m coming to take notes, to be inspired, and to learn as much as I can. 

I hope that April is treating you all well! Cheers!


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