Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Poem for the PCT

Two years ago, Zach and I finished the trail. Today I tried several times to put my thoughts into coherent paragraphs, but it didn't work. Instead, this happened.

It’s lovely

to be out here

with my world on my back;

with a gallon of water

and some mashed potatoes

and the stars tucking us in each night.

It’s lovely

to be starving,


and weak,

but to feel my legs as iron

pumping through the miles.

Because even though I don’t feel it,

I’ll get there.

Know it,

see it:

dew on your sneakers,

sun on the slopes,

glittering tarns,

larches and pines.


pikas in the moraines,

a blister,

a song,

a shred of fog on the mountain.

Look how far you’ve come.

Forget how far you have to go.

Eventually you’ll get there.

Just one foot, then the next.

Just one step, then the next.

Just one more Snickers, then another step.

Keep going.

Keep breathing.

Keep trekking.

Keep praying.

Kiss your husband’s bearded cheek

and let him lead you up the path.

Breathe out steam,

breathe in sweat,

eat the earth with your summer sausage.





Be forgiven.

Keep walking.

You’ll get there.


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