Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Further Reading about Contentment

Here are a few articles that have shaped my perspective in the past few months. All of these blogs are well worth following, too!

All You Need, You Already Have by Zen Habits. The practice of gratitude that he suggests has been life-changing for me.

Owning Less Is Great. Wanting Less Is Better. by Becoming Minimalist. This sums up the perspective shift that’s essential for contentment. (Also, Joshua Becker’s book, The More of Less, is really good! I like the way he defines minimalism not as “getting rid of stuff,” but as living a life focused on what is most important.)

Have You Missed Your Life’s Calling? Probably Not. by The Art of Simple. A great reminder to combat worry by living the life we’ve been given.

Take a Walk Around the Lake by Be More with Less. A wonderful post about focusing on the gifts of life that are right at our fingertips.

What articles/books/blogs would you add to this list?


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