Saturday, April 30, 2016

This Week (Earth Day, Home Projects, Set Design, and First Harvest)

Look at the spinach! I grew this from a seed! And then I ate it!

It has been a packed week! I’m still trying to catch my breath from everything that’s going on, and my work week isn’t even over yet. Without further ado...

Zach, my sister Mary and I visited the St. Louis Earth Day Festival on Sunday, which was much bigger and more diverse than I expected, a labyrinth of booths filling up a huge area in front of the Muny. There were booths selling upcycled jewelry, pastured meat, energy-efficient air conditioners, heirloom plants and seeds, homemade tamales, handmade soaps, yoga manuals, eco-friendly shingles, Bohemian dresses, and everything in between; large companies with informational displays, hands-on activities and coupons; food trucks; live music and dancing; and lots of non-profits handing out information about everything green-related. (I took exactly zero pictures because I was caught up in the excitement and didn’t even think about it.) We had a ton of fun, and I definitely want to go back next year! 

Another highlight of this week was on Monday, when Zach’s brothers Francis and George came over to help us out with some home projects. George built me a raised planter box out of wood scraps from our garage, which I’m going to plant with cucumbers and probably some marigolds or lettuce. Francis helped Zach work on a solar project, constructing a box that will eventually become a holding tank for sun-heated water (it’s a complicated project— I’ll post more about it later). We were glad to have their help!

George with the cuke box
Zach and Francis with the holding-tank box

This week, our gigantic garage is finally getting some use— my dad is using the space to paint three set pieces for the upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. that my brother is involved in directing. We duct-taped king-sized sheets to the wall, and Dad has been here for several hours on an off this week, painting in a forest scene. I’m happy to have the space for projects like this.

Blank canvasses

Blocking in the background

Blocked-in trees

Adding detail
First panel— finished!
Otherwise, torrential rains and warm weather have brought new life to the gardens— everything is bursting with green. I even had my first harvest from my garden this week: a little bowl of fresh spinach! (It was tender and slightly sweet... so good!) Yesterday I finally planted my pepper seedlings, which I’ve been growing for several weeks now. The bell peppers look a little droopy, but the banana peppers are standing tall!

And tonight, my recorder class has their final concert of the semester. It’s amazing to see the way this group of six- and seven-year olds has improved over the year— from not knowing how to hold a recorder on day one, to tonight, where they are planning a round, two-part harmonies, and a group composition with improvisational sections. I’m so proud of my kids! 

Hope you all have a good week, and Happy May Day tomorrow!



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