Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Six Reasons I Like Our Push Mower

Zach mowing the yard last year, before we put in the gardens

Last year, Zach and I needed a lawnmower for our new yard, so we drove to Lowe’s, and after very little debate, came home with a manual push mower. I had a nagging feeling that this might not be the best idea, but the cool factor was just too much to resist. A year later, I’m still happy with the purchase, and here’s why.

1. It was cheaper than a normal lawnmower. The up-front price wasn’t that expensive, and we never have to worry about filling it with gas. 

2. It’s good exercise. You will work up an amazing sweat with one of these, which is why people avoid them in the first place. But hey, it’s cheaper than going to the gym, right? I swear the only reason my skinny little arms have any muscles at all is because of our mower.

3. It’s quiet and smells nice. I hate loud noises. Like, a lot. (My quality of life drastically improved when I realized that I could put in earplugs while blending up a smoothie.) And I don’t like the smell of gas. So I probably wouldn’t have ever mowed the lawn if we hadn’t gotten a push mower. 

4. It’s a great conversation starter. Last summer, I met several of the neighbors because they’d see me cutting the grass and come over to chat. Unlike a normal lawnmower which drives people away until the noise has stopped, this one invites neighbors over to tell horror stories about how their cousin Billy sliced off his thumb with one of these when they were kids. I was happy to have an excuse to meet the neighbors and hear some crazy injury stories!

5. It motivates me to continue tearing up and replacing the lawn. Our long-term goal is to have no lawn at all— we want gardens, gravel pathways, trees, a greenhouse, a fire pit and a patio, but no lawn. Every time we add a new feature to our yard, it’s less space to mow, and it’s a good motivator to continue working toward our goal. 

6. It’s cool. Yup, it all just comes back to this. Normal lawnmowers = boring. Push mower = super cool. No matter how many times I mow the lawn, I feel like something magical happens as I race from edge to edge of our yard, blades clicking and grass tips flying.


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