Friday, November 1, 2013

Six Pics from Halloween

Yesterday marked the first Halloween in my own house! Zachary and I prepared by buying a massive bag of name-brand candy. Unfortunately, it seems that the kids in our neighborhood don’t believe in trick-or-treating… a grand total of nine kids showed up on our doorstep. They all got a lot of candy.

Still, we got to hang out with family, dress up, and eat yummy food! So, although it wasn’t the Halloween I was expecting, it was still good.

These are sugar cookies— way better than actual candy corns!

Zachary carved this adorable kitty.

INDEED.  (Any fellow Stargate fans out there?)

I also threw in some toys, which were, surprisingly, more popular than the candy.

Zach as Beren (note the missing right hand) and me as Luthien (from The Lay of Leithian).

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