Saturday, October 19, 2013

15 Reasons I Love Autumn

(Halfway through this list, I realized that many of these reasons have less to do with autumn and more to do with summer being over. But if you live in St. Louis, you can agree with me that summer being over is the best part of autumn, anyway.)

1. Bonfires.

2. Food roasted over bonfires.

3. Good hiking weather.

4. The sun being mild enough that I don’t get sunburned.

5. The sound of migrating geese overhead (even though the majority of geese in St. Louis don’t migrate).

6. 80 degrees seeming cool after the murderously hot summer.

7. Wearing boots.

8. Watching my breath smoke in the air.

9. A holiday that involves both costumes and candy.

10. The colors, not only of the changing leaves, but of the grasses and sunlight.

11. Wearing clothes for fashion instead of figuring out how to dress in a way to avoid both sunburn and heatstroke.

12. Hot soups and stews tasting good again.

13. Crunching dry leaves underfoot.

14. Wearing long sleeves, which double as mittens and potholders.

15. The harvest moon.

What would you add to this list?

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