Monday, September 16, 2013

Seven Things I Learned Last Week

Hello, dear blog readers! As you may have noticed, I didn’t post anything last week. My editing job just started up, and between 37 students and spending time with my sister-in-law who’s visiting from Oregon, I’ve decided to let blogging fall through the cracks. Today I’m stealing time from editing to say a few things, though. Namely:

1. My sister-in-law Ivy is awesome. Not only do we get along fantastically, but she’s a beautiful person who’s really fun to talk to. Whether discussing theology or crying over Mufasa’s death in The Lion King, we have bonded a lot. I can’t believe that I not only got an awesome husband, but an awesome family of in-laws, too.

Christian, me, Zach, and Ivy, ready to head to City Museum.
2. I have a hard time balancing life and work. Even though I don’t work that many hours a week, I find it hard to finish my deadline and get anything else done. I don’t know how I ever juggled 40 students with 40 hours of farm work a week.

3. Autumn is the best season ever. Actually, I didn’t learn that this week— I just remembered why it’s true.

4. Frozen custard is, in fact, the Platonic paragon of soft-serve dairy dessert.

5. I really really really like having someone around the house all day, even if she’s reading and I’m editing papers. Although I enjoy mostly solitary activities, I hadn’t realized how much I love having another person in the house. 

6. I’m proud of my city. I hadn’t really realized this before, but in showing Ivy around a bit, I recognized that I feel happy to live near St. Louis, and I love St. Charles very much. Despite the awful weather, these cities have a lot to offer. I’m proud to live in them.

7. I’m going to start working on a novel again. My 2011 NaNoWriMo novel Dreamer was a pretty darn good rough; it just needs an overhaul and some fine-tuning. I’m probably not on the road to publication with this, but I realized that writing novels is not a career for me: it’s a way of life.


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