Monday, September 30, 2013

Difficult Things Are Difficult (and other statements of profundity)

If I had known, 11 years ago, how much effort it would take to become a proficient violinist, I would have given up on the spot.

If I had known, 20 years ago, how much effort would be required to learn to draw at a basic level, I would have been crushed with the hugeness of the task.

If I had known, 24 years ago, how much effort it was going to take to live life, I would have asked not to be born.

Anything difficult in life requires a lot of effort— so much, in fact, that when I look back, I’m amazed that I was ever able to accomplish anything at all. To me, it’s a small miracle every time I realize that I’m at point where I can realize that a huge chunk of the hard work has been done. I can play violin pretty well. I’m okay at drawing. I’m still alive and haven’t gone crazy yet. 

All in all, I think it’s a great mercy of God that I don’t know how hard stuff is going to be until I actually do it. 


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