Saturday, August 17, 2013

Housewife Project of the Week

Home decor is something I admire, but not something I’m naturally good at. I look at the way somebody else has put a space together, and I ooh and aah and envy. But doing it myself is a laborious task, and it often ends up looking forced. (Incidentally, I generally find fashion to be the same way.)

Still, it’s fun to try to decorate shelves. Here, nothing has to be functional— it can just be interesting to look at.

Rooting through my stash of random stuff, I found a vintage map I had salvaged from my grandparents’ house many years ago. In this depiction of “The Far East” from National Geographic, 1952, Korea is one country, Bangladesh is labeled “Pakistan,” and the country on top is listed as “Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.” I pinned this to a bulletin board, added some random feathers (in a Balsamic Vinegar bottle I’m pretty sure is from the 80s), a framed photo from the Redwoods National Forest, a candle, and a wooden knickknack holder that my great-grandfather carved. Voila, it sort of looks like I have a style!

It took me a long time to arrange, and I fussed with it quite a bit, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Maybe, shelf by shelf, I can transform my house before we have to pack it all up and hit the trail.


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