Monday, August 5, 2013

A Conversation, In Which Zachary Fails to Recognize My Genius

Today, while I was making lunch and Zach was working on his computer, this conversation ensued:

ME: Zachary, I just thought of the best name for our baby whenever we have a baby.

ZACH: What’s that?

ME: Rohan! Wouldn’t that be cool?

ZACH: I thought you said it was blasphemy to name someone Rohan.

ME: That was referring to a character in that fantasy novel I saw the other day. You can’t name a fantasy character Rohan. That’s just ridiculous. But it would be a great baby name!

ZACH: I think that would be weird, since it’s a place name.

ME: No, wait! I’ve got it! (Waves hands wildly) I know the perfect name!

ZACH: Okay…


ZACH (alternately laughing and wondering who is this person he’s married): …I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

ME: No. You are mistaken. It is in fact the best idea.

The End.


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