Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 Photos of German Walls

Today as I was skimming my Europe photos in search of something blog-worthy, I realized I was cherry-picking a lot of photos of German walls. Granted, I’ve already posted 10 photos of German doors— but the walls are almost as interesting. So, without apology, I give you this blog, as well as some advice: if you have to choose any place on earth to sit and stare at walls all day, choose Germany. 

Nuremberg. Note the reliefs that portray the different occupations present in the city. 
House in Amberg.

Outside a shoe shop.

Doesn't this gargoyle look like a muppet?

Note the jester's mask in the window.

Weapons in Nuremberg's castle.

Reflection of St. Elizabeth's Church, Nuremberg.

I love the street signs, even though they're sometimes difficult to find.

The Amberg city wall, the longest surviving wall of its age in Germany.

Note the stone foundation, which gives way to cheaper wood in the upper stories.

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