Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where to Go: Scripps Park, La Jolla (San Diego), California

If you ever find yourself visiting San Diego on a budget (or even if you’re not on a budget), be sure to take a few hours to visit Scripps Park. Located in La Jolla (northwestern San Diego), this seaside park is a great place to spread out a picnic, gaze out at the ocean, explore tide pools… and look at amazingly adorable seals!

The harbor seals are the stars of this park, and you can see them everywhere along the shore, looking like oddly adorable slugs with dog faces. If you come at the right time of year you can even see seal pups wiggling around on the beach. (I’ve posted a blog and a video about this before.)

If you’re taking public transit, bus line 30 will take you there from most places in the city. Otherwise, here are driving directions

This park is a sample of what makes San Diego great: palm trees, ocean, tide pools, and cute animals. Be sure to work it into your schedule!


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