Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Grow Lettuce from a Cutting

I have to admit, growing my own lettuce from the base of a romaine heart was not my idea: I stole it from this article. Considering how much fun I’ve had doing it, I might try some of the other ideas in that article as well.

First, buy a head of romaine lettuce. It’s best to get something from a farmer’s market, but I’m never up that early on Saturday, so I just bought some lettuce from the store.

Next, cut off the base of the lettuce.

Submerge the base in some water and put it in a sunny windowsill. Sprinkle it with a little water every day.

It will sprout after a few days. (You’ll notice I’m also trying the same technique with celery.)

After a week, plant it. I used some loose filler in the bottom of the pot, and potting soil in the top. (Note: this is older than a week. I just forgot to take a picture.)

Keep it in a sunny location and water frequently. 

I have yet to taste my romaine, but I’m just happy to be growing some green stuff. It’s a pretty decoration for my front stoop, and I get to eat it when it’s full-grown. It’s like magic, and I didn’t even have to buy seeds!

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