Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seven Things I've Come to Like in the Past Year

1. Brown mustard. Thank you, Bavaria.

2. Healthy cooking. I’m actually learning how to make healthy stuff taste good! (For instance, this kale salad recipe.)

3. Writing nonfiction articles. Before this year, I found them to be a slog. Narratives (fiction or nonfiction) are still my favorite, but I’ve learned that nonfiction articles are pretty fun, too.

4. Reading Revelation, Genesis, and the laws of the Pentateuch. My ESV commentary Bible is the main reason for this— the commentary has helped me understand the Bible in a deeper way over the past year.

5. Spicy food. I put tabasco in recipes and shake crushed red pepper on everything. This is entirely Zachary’s doing.

6. Anime. Well, okay, this is only half-true. But Mushi-shi and Trigun have certainly expanded my animation horizons!

7. Belonging to someone. Although I’ve been quite the independent lady for the past few years, knowing that I belong to Zachary is one of my favorite parts of being a wife.

What’s new with you?


1 comment:

  1. Liking healthy food is a new thing for me as well! When I was younger, I liked eating salad about as much as I liked eating straw, but these past few months I've developed a real taste for it.